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Getting Back on Track at AMCC


In Advance

Booking In: -
You will need to enter via the link above. A reminder will be sent out on Facebook the Monday before each meeting.
Booking in closes at 8pm the Friday before the meeting. No booking in or payments on the day.

On the Day

If you, or a family member, displays any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend the meeting.

Results: -
The results and the running of the meeting will be live online via the link above.
You will be able to see what race is on the track, plus heat listings and your results.

Pits & Moving Round the Venue: -

There is no longer a legal requirement to social distance, however the club would still recommend you are sensible in terms of the numbers of people you are in close proximity with for prolonged periods.

Race control still remains out of bounds

You MUST Provide: -

  • Your Own Hi-Viz waistcoat or jacket for Marshalling.

  • A pair of Gloves for Marshalling (optional).

  • A Bottle of Hand Sanitiser.

Essential: -
A good sense of humour – this is going to be difficult, the way we work at our events has evolved over decades, that’s all just bitten the dust and we have to start again, we have to learn how to do what we do, again.
Patience – be patient with our Club Officials and Each Other – you’ll probably find that within a day we’ll find a method that roughly works for our club, but it’ll take time. People will get things wrong, be patient with each other.

Updated 18/03/2021

Coronavirus - Covid-19 Announcement *Updated*

Hi All 


Following the easing of national COVID restrictions on Monday, the BRCA have passed some rule making back to the clubs, so below is confirmation of AMCC's rules going forwards. These rules will apply to all sections and tracks:

  1. The wearing of face masks is now optional in all parts of the venue(s), including on the rostrum. We ask that everyone respects the choices made by other drivers what ever they chose to do.

  2. The wearing of gloves whilst marshalling is also now optional, and the same applies.

  3. It is still mandatory for you to bring, and wear, your own hi-viz whilst marshalling.

  4. Booking in will remain as pre booking online (see notes below)

  5. Race control still remains out of bounds

  6. There is no longer a legal requirement to social distance, however the club would still recommend you are sensible in terms of the numbers of people you are in close proximity with for prolonged periods.

  7. Heat and final listings will still remain on to avoid people gathering around the print outs.

  8. If you feel unwell, or have been advised to isolate, please do not attend any meeting or practice session.

  9. Please keep bringing your own hand sanitiser, and using this after being in contact with high traffic areas such as rostrum hand rails, toilet etc.

  10. Spectators are now allowed and are welcomed, and drivers are asked to be polite and helpful to any potential newcomer.

Hopefully racing will start to feel more normal again!

With regards to booking in, from now on cancelled meetings will automatically lead to a refund of entry fee, there will no longer be any roll over, its just getting too confusing! You are reminded that officially booking in closes on the Friday evening before the meeting, so please please try to book in by then as it makes our lives much easier. Anyone who books in but does not pay will not show on the heat listing until payment has been received, so please check the heat listing when it is live!


AMCC Committee  


July 21st 2021


Hi All 


The committee thought it would good to keep everyone informed that due to situation that we are, we can see that the winter series is not going ahead.


Going forward for the summer season here are the dates, of course we cannot guarantee racing will start in April until we get the go ahead from the BRCA and Motor Sport UK 


So,  if you haven't already now the time to dust off them RC Cars.

Cheers Mick Hendy

AMCC Chairman  


February 15th 2021


Hi All 

With the lockdown coming to an end this Wednesday 2nd December Adur Model car club will be able to open for racing again, the first meeting will be the 6th December at the Off-Road track.

Please go by the BRCA guidelines as we have done previously, as you all are aware we are now in a tier system.

There will be a NHS Track & Trace QR Code please ensure you check into this system.


Anyone living in a tier 3 area, you are not permitted to attend any of our meetings  

Booking in to the meetings will as before via our website and fees to be paid via PayPal. 

So if you haven’t already got your cars done for racing its time too now.  


The committee have decided for the members who joined the club in 2020 will get 50% off 2021 membership.
Plus the practice gate lock at the circuit will change on the 1st January 2021, members who renew for 2021 who had a practice key in 2020 will be able to exchange for a new one free of charge.
If you are not renewing your membership and have a key please can you return it at the end of the year.

Also it’s now time to renew your BRCA membership -

Cheers Mick Hendy

AMCC Chairman  


November 28th 2020


Hi All

A big thank to all that have supported the club during this COVID Pandemic with a shorter summer season than normal, but unfortunately with what has been announced today from Motorsport UK we are going to close during this lockdown period.

The Circuit/Oval track will be closed for practice too, the lock will be change, so please do not attempt to access the tracks. 

Please keep/get all your RC cars etc ready for a big come back 

We will keep you all informed as soon as we know any more


Cheers Mick Hendy

AMCC Chairman  

November 2nd 2020


Adur Model Car Club and back to racing

We are happy to announce that subject to government guidelines all race tracks will be reopening from July 4th onwards subject to government guidelines.

Due to the current situation there will be some changes required to ensure everyone’s safety.

For race meetings all drivers will be required to enter in advance via the club website and payment be made by PayPal, no entries on the day or cash payments will taken without exception for everyone’s safety.

There will be limits on the number of drivers in each heat and final to comply with social distancing guidelines.

At this time due to the recent situation in the local area the oval and circuit will remain closed for practise until racing recommences so repairs and maintenance can take place.

Adur Model Car Club

June 10th 2020


As of immediate effect practice is no longer permitted at the Circuit or Oval.

Please do not try to access the site as the lock will have been changed and your key will not work.

The committee will update further as the situation or legislation requires

Adur Model Car Club

March 23th 2020


Many of you will have seen the message to members and clubs from BRCA Chairman outlining suspension of all BRCA sanctioned events and their recommendation that clubs follow suit.

In line with this Adur Model Car Club will be suspending club meetings on all of its tracks Circuit, Oval and Off-Road until the end of April 2020.

If it is possible to restart club meetings dates from May onwards, this will be confirmed nearer the time.

While this is not ideal for the club, we are sure you will all support and respect this.

The Circuit and Oval will continue to be available for practice to those (members only) who are currently key holders.

Non members or members guests will not be permitted to use any of the tracks.

Use of the Circuit and Oval tracks is at your own risk and we would suggest that all guidelines issued by the relevant authorities are adhered to.

We would recommend using common sense is the best course of action for example; if you are exhibiting any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus do not access the site.

Avoid attending in large groups, ensure you bring any hygiene materials you need with you, pit away from others using the site.

If you are attending with any junior members please ensure they remain under your supervision at all times and respect the personal space of any other members using the facilities.


The committee will update further as the situation or legislation requires


Ian Billett

Adur Model Car Club Secretary

March 19th 2020