8th Oval is an rc section that race on a purpose built tarmac oval.

The design is based on the full size sport of quater mile, short circuit oval racing.

8th Oval includes both 1/8th stock cars and hotrods which are a 1/8th scale version of thier full size counter parts, F1 stock cars and 2ltr hotrods. Both formulas run in an anti clockwise direction, although in the full size formulas, they run opposite to each other.

8th stockcars and hotrods run on a purpose built oval with a tarmac surface and steel crash barriers.

All cars are equiped with a personal transponder which counts your laps and lap times as the car passes a strip below the start line.

Both formulas are powered by a 3.5cc nitro engine which makes them very fast. The stock cars are built from a solid steel chassis, this makes them very strong as they are a contact formular. The hotrods, being non contact, are much lighter and are built from an alluminuim chassis. Cars are built by the drivers, therefore, no two cars are the same. You can also buy a ready made kit from somehwere such as MMRD based in Goring.
8th oval meeting's are run every 2 weeks on a Sunday.

The sport of 1/8th oval racing is very enjoyable and can be very rewarding when your car is going well. It is not expensive to participate and we welcome new drivers so why not get yourself a car and come and join in the fun.

It is free for spectators and anyone interested in participating can buy a kit from MMRD at the meeting.